the big heart journey
Meditations that MOVE you!
Inspiring Heart-Centered Fiery Kids
who lead BIG lives from their BIG hearts!
Heart Hug Meditations
Have a listen to our Heart Hug Meditations here.
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Big Heart Journey
Your Journey starts here!
Big Heart Room
Find a calm space inside your heart.
Body Swap
For when you are being unkind
For when you miss people
A Heart Hug to connect your whole family.
Thank You Poem
Goodnight gratitude
Strong Tree
For when someone is being unkind
Friends with Feelings
Learn the Big Heart Way to move through Big Feelings
Worry Thoughts
What to do with worry thoughts.
Butterfly Breath
Breathe through anxiety and fear.
You are safe and you are loved.
Flying Heart
Send love around the world through your Big Heart!
Little Seed
When people die our hearts need the most hugs.
We are all feeling all the things, and that’s ok!